• Ornament

    A friend gave me this cool metal sailboat ornament to decorate the boat for the holiday. Love it! I’ll have to find it a permanent home.

  • Coffee!

    I’m surprised more of my posts aren’t coffee. Nice fresh pot for some weekend boat work.

  • Recent Travel Drinking

    I haven’t posted in a while, and want to get back to recording my thoughts and fun hobby activities.

    I was recently in Pensacola for a week of work, and had the pleasure of visiting a fun whisky bar, Old Hickory Whiskey Bar.

    Some of my favorites.

  • Rigging Repairs

    Rigging repairs on the boat are done. Nothing major, I had a short list of items I wanted repaired/replaced. The secondary supports for the port and starboard spreaders, and the running backstays. All done and everything is looking great!

    The work was done by Jason of Argonaut Rigging. Great vendor! Highly recommend him.

  • Ten Year Plan Number Plate

    s/v Ten Year Plan received it’s official number plate today. U.S. Coast Guard documented boats are assigned a lifetime documentation number. The requirements are the number be affixed to the interior of the boat in such a way as altering them would damage the numbers or the hull. Folks solve this problem in a varieties of ways, including wooden plaques, plastic or metal carved plates.

    A friend of mine, Al, owns the AutoMetalSkin company, and offered to make a number plate for me. Using a jewelers saw, he cut out the numbers from a sheet of metal, then using his unique finishing process, coated the number plate with brass. He left it exposed, without a clear coat, so we can watch the metal patina over time. See the video below to see more of the reveal process.

    I’m really happy with how the plate turned out.  It’s now mounted at the nav station, in an honored position just down the companionway ladder. I found some stainless screws to mount it, but hope to find some nice brass screws soon. Love how it looks. Thanks for the hard work!